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1959 Stock Wheel Size

Anyone know what the stock wheel size is for a 1959 Apache 3200? I need an additional wheel for a spare, I've been looking on e-bay and found a few possible candidates but I need a few more specifics about the wheel before I buy. I know the diameter is 15 inches (which actually measures 16 inches from edge to edge) but I am not sure what the width is.

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Bill Hanlon
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According to '58 GMC Master Parts Book the following wheels were available for 1/2 ton trucks. I'm not sure they were all available for '59 Chevy trucks.

All have a 6 holes on 5.5" stud circle with a 3 21/32" center hole.

15 x 5.00K, 9/16" offset, Kelsey-Hays tubeless
15 x 5.50F, 0" offset, Kelsey-Hays tube type
15 x 5.50K, 9/16" offset, Kelsey-Hays tubeless
16 x 5.00K, 7/16" offset, Kelsey-Hays tubeless
17.5 x 5.25, 0" offset, Kelsey-Hays tubeless
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