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55-59 GMC vin stamped on frame

Hello There
Is there anyone how knows where I can find(if there are?) the vin stamped on the frame rail of a 56 gmc 1/2 ton truck
I can't seem to find one.
If there isn't one in the frame
How can I verify what's the first date of use of the vehicule
Is there some sort of archive from GMC that has a lead to where an when the truck was first used and/or came from the factory?
And with wat sort of options(engine/tranny-pickup/panel)etc.

Vin say's D270861127 pickup 1st sold 1956
I realy need some help on this one
Thanks for any tips on how to identify the truck
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Bobby 57
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yes the vin # is located on the frame. On my 57 i found it in 3 locations.LF frame rail near E-brake pivot point, middle section left rail near master cyl location. and left rear frame rail near upper shock mount cross member.There maybe other locations but those three i know for sure.I hope this helps.

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Bill Hanlon
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Originally Posted by trucktony View Post
Vin say's D270861127 pickup 1st sold 1956
D270861127 is an engine serial number. The 270 part of it says it is a GMC six cylinder 270 cubic inch engine. The D specifies that the engine was originally +0.005" oversize bore, standard crankshaft main journal size and -0.010" rod journal size.

Prior to 1980 vehicles in the US were not required to have any specific style identification numbers. Each manufacturer had their own scheme. In 1980 the current scheme of 17 character alpha numeric VIN numbers were made standard.

1956 GMC trucks would have had an identification plate on the cab left side door pillar that listed the serial number of the truck. More info can be found here:

Assuming your truck is a '56 1/2 ton short bed six cylinder your serial number would have been something like 101 PX1234
where 101 is 1/2 ton short bed (102 for 1/2 ton long bed)
P is manufactured in the Pontiac Michigan plant (C for Oakland California plant)
X is 1956 (Y for 1955, T for 1957, S for 1958 & 1959)
and 1234 is a sequential number starting at 1001.
If there was an 8 between the 101 and the P it was originally equipped with a V8 engine.

I've heard rumors of the chassis serial number (101 PX1234) being stamped on the frame, but I've never found it on my '57 GMC. Note that Bobby 57's truck is a Chevy, not a GMC.

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I allready assumed that Bob's was a chevy,because is sounded familiar.
And yes it's a engine number
In california they sometimes used it as an VIN
But it was never punched in the frame
Missing the engine makes it kinda hard to prove that the certificate of tittle belongs to the car.
So what I'am looking for is a archive or museum that stocks the old assembly line documents for this particular truck.
Then I can prove the serialnumber and engine number (beeing the VIN) belong to one and the same car.

That's why:if the number was stamped into the frame via assembly line
I could prove that the certifcate of title belongs to the chassis/car

But your tips were welcome and I will look in to them and plan if I can use your info

I made a mistake by offering the car without the stamped in Vin
Now my certificate of title is pronounced invalid

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