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235 cam

I have a 1954 chevy with a 235. I am looking to do some performance upgrades and i was wondering what kind of cam would do the trick and help me with performance? any ideas would be great. thanks
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RE: Better 235 cam

Get a NEW (not reground !) cam and lifters for a '58 ~ '62 261 engine from a C-60 Chevy , DO NOT use hydraulic lifters as they rob power .

You'll find this cam gives your old 235 quite a boost in power but still idles like a watch , it that same cam Chevy used in the early Corvette 235....

Prolly want to replace the cam and crank timing gears too , be sure to only buy timing gears of one brand as a few of them have come in with different pitch on the teeth...

Your local hot rod shop can easily polish the exhaust ports , and combustion chambers too , have them CC'd at the same time . perfectly smooth combustion chambers adds goodly bit of punch to it . have them
unshroud the valves and guides too . this will also increase fuel milage and allow the engine to run -much- cooler .

If they don't know what any of this means , it's a jerk off shop , not a hor rod machine shop as this is all basic stuff that really peps
up a stock engine .



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