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  1. Lloyd Norton
    Lloyd Norton
    Do the glove box liner fastener clips install on the inside or the outside of the liner?
  2. Roger Sjolstad
    Roger Sjolstad coilover
    Hello from Norway. I was told that you maybe is the one to contact:
    I need one "Parking Brake Lever Extension" driver side for my ´51 3600.


    How to convert to Bendix?

    Thanks in advance :-)
  3. John Rat Rod
    John Rat Rod
    1957 Truck 236 six cly 4 speed. Frame off starting build
  4. 53fivewindow
    53fivewindow Lakeroadster
    Hi Lakeroadster, I also would appreciate the 47-53 tailgate lettering CAD file. Like Edwin before me, I know it's an old post but would be grateful to receive it. My email is Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Al’s 1950
    Al’s 1950
    Anyone know where I can get the decorative skirts on the seats for us 1950 3100
  6. rtruckthom
    how to wire 1953 chevy truck 12 volt push button on dash
  7. Bill Hanlon
    Bill Hanlon coilover

    Any chance you have a LONG wheelbase late 40 to mid 50 Chey or GMC truck enclosed driveline lying in your scrap pile. I know a guy that needs everything from behind the tranny to just before the torque tube.

    Thanks, Bill
  8. lonehorn57
    just an old rodder
  9. lonehorn57
    just an old rodder
  10. GLRnTX
    GLRnTX coilover
    I recently handed my ‘51 over to my oldest daughter in Coppell. I am downsizing, but wanted to keep it in the family. Are you available to help her dealing with a column linkage issue? She is willing to pay for your time. She has no mechanical abilities. Her husband has a little.
    Greg Riedel. I
    have not been on the forum in a while and forgot how to do a PM.
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  11. Edwin
    Edwin Lakeroadster
    Hi Lakeroadster, im interested in getting the chevy 1947 - 1953 and 1955 -1957 Tailgate lettering CAD file. I know its an old post but if you still have it could send it to
  12. coilover
    coilover Bill Hanlon
    The truck is a Chevy. I posted some pics on the discussion site.
  13. brad lacombe
    brad lacombe
    New Guy here!Just picked up this 1957 chevrolet Napco 4x4.Have lots of questions.Its a Canadian built truck it says?.
    1. brad lacombe
      brad lacombe
      First it needs a floor front and up firewall a bit,Door steps hinge pockets door bottoms,Any advise my first resto.
      Jul 13, 2021
  14. mjn
    mjn Nick
    Hey Nick, somehow when I joined the other day, I set my screen name as my actual name.. i'm mjn on every other forum I'm on.. can it be changed to that? or even mjn53 if mjn won't work? Thanks!
    1. Nick
      No problem; changed to mjn!
      Jun 21, 2021
    2. roy 1955 chevy
      roy 1955 chevy
      hi nick im new to this to how do i post pics of my old truck. or parts that i have for sale .
      Jun 23, 2021
  15. mjn
    mjn Corey
    Hey Corey, I just joined, and somehow ended up having my name as my screen name.. I'm mjn on every other forum I'm on.. is there any way to change my name to that??
  16. vwnate1
    1. roy 1955 chevy
      roy 1955 chevy
      good to hear now you have more time to get you and your friend to work on your old project . i wish i could say the same . but it seem like know one want to help . with out getthing paid . what ever happen to giveing a helping hand or haveing the joyment and learning of working on old vics . i got a guy who said hell help for $125 hr . crazzy
      Jun 23, 2021
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  17. cmike
    any unforeseen problems in swapping from 216 to 235 in my 38 chevy coupe
    1. roy 1955 chevy
      roy 1955 chevy
      it shouldnt be that hard it ant like these newer vics . thats so dam cram up and yoyu have no room to work in . as long as it bolts up to your trans and motor mounts . and if you have a torch or welder you can get stuff done . good luck .
      Jun 23, 2021
    2. roy 1955 chevy
      roy 1955 chevy
      i have a 1955 chevy 3100 that came with a 265 v8 that im going to make it in a 383 stroker . and in stall it back in the truck . i was going to put a 283 that i have . in place of the 265 but i decide to stay with the moter the truck came with from the fatorey . at least ill know it mont back up .
      Jun 23, 2021
  18. John1001
    I need wiring info for a Grote 966-4 turn signal. It's 4 wires. Does it use a chassis or common ground for the negative 12 volts?
    1. roy 1955 chevy
      roy 1955 chevy
      hey check out utube if u dont get a answer .
      Jun 23, 2021
  19. Tom P
    Tom P
    I need brake drums for a 1947 chevy fleetmaster
  20. Jeff Cherney
    Jeff Cherney Bill Hanlon
    Hi Bill, I’m buying another truck. It’s a 1946 Chevy pickup. I’m told it’s missing the hardware at the wheels for the emergency brake that attaches to the cables. I don’t see it listed anywhere to buy. Do you have any ideas where I can get it or references to what I need or even looks like? I’m the guy you helped out with my 49 part issue.