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  1. cmkruse
    12 years and still at it!
  2. 53mess
    53mess coilover
    I was wandering if you still had the instructions you got for your ad engineering kit. I have the kit but lost the instructions in a move a couple of years ago. Or if you have pics of your install. thanks for any help
  3. Larry Lauria
    Larry Lauria
    Good morning . I am new to the site. I don't know how to add a picture or update my profile. All help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. Stutz1964
    New to site. Will be searching for parts for our truck.
  5. WuJames88
    WuJames88 GonicGM
    good afternoon, I saw your Hickey swing away spare tire carrier for sale on another forum, but I couldn't message you there. if it's still for sale would you please send me some pictures or information on it? thank you, James
  6. Bilbo
    Bilbo coilover
    Hey Evan. My transmission is making noises and the oil looks like metallic bronze Paint. Should I get it rebuilt, or do you maybe have a 3 speed for torque tube?
  7. MrFleetSide
    MrFleetSide Lakeroadster
    Painting the front grill on my 60 chevy. Curious if i could get the CAD file for the front 60's grill. It would help immensely. Thanks in advance, mario
  8. 1951 chevy blue
    1951 chevy blue
    Header problem solved
  9. Bill Hanlon
    Bill Hanlon coilover
    Phone went in the pool, so I don't have your number any more.

    A friend wants to install a crate 350 Chevy/700R4 into his '57 GMC long wheelbase. Do you have a recommendation for motor/transmission mounts? This is NOT a modern LT/LS engine.
  10. Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson ol' chebby
    Hi I'm new at this but I've done a restoration on a 53 except for door latches. Back in early 80's I had a 49 doors would sometimes come open . I was wanting to put power bare claw latches in I'm not experienced at this or what the best ones to buy. I don't want door poppers I want to keep my door handles can you give me some help thanks
  11. Adan
    Planning on putting in an lq4 the selector valve is not to exceed 65psi I think it is safe there just not sure
  12. Adan
    Have an 83 Chevy with the efi sending unit and tanks also the fsv3 selector valve and switch does anyone have a diagram to do this setup
  13. Adan
  14. Adan
    Good morning
  15. 77 Chevy
    77 Chevy
    Tech - Adam
  16. '63MurderTruck
    '63MurderTruck Lakeroadster
    I'm currently restoring a 1963 Step-side with my 17 yr old son. We really like your 'rear roll-pan'. Did you fabricate it yourself?
    Thank you,
  17. Alicia Joyce
    Alicia Joyce
    I have a 93 Ford F150 V8 5.8 liter with dull gas tanks does the truck have to be on or off when you switch which is better
  18. gilbert phillips
    gilbert phillips
  19. DieselCash
    Trust but verify
  20. Rattail138
    Rattail138 Bill Hanlon
    Hi Bill, I had seen one of your replies to a gentleman looking for a bench seat. I too am trying to find 1 . If for some reason he doesn't want it & you are still wanting to get rid of it please keep me in mind. Thanks ,Jason 915-841-8582