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  1. DeadZoneTruckin
    DeadZoneTruckin Dachshund
    We have the seat riser you requested..... Saw your post regarding this on the Stovebolt Page also.

    Message us back for more info. & pictures.
  2. El trokero
    El trokero
    Looking for a Fulton visor that will fit a 1954 3100
  3. smjchevy72
    Hello folks, I am new to the forum and have a 1972 Chevy C-10 currently doing a frame off restore....first one wish me luck!!
  4. rickyritzelsr
    I own a 1985 Chevy k10 stepside because of a personal life choice.
  5. Ole Joe 070
    Ole Joe 070
    New to this site. Looking for a custom chrome horn ring for my '66.
  6. Bradley C
    Bradley C
    1970 Custom 10 long bed wood version. 1969 Dodge A-108 van. Thanks for letting me join. ASE parts specialist
  7. Barry Kuka
    Barry Kuka
    I've got all kinds and types of parts on truck
  8. Jim Shaw
    Jim Shaw colettesbro
    Do you have a door for a 63 c10 and how much to ship it to 68669 in Nebraska?
  9. mikiesride
    Retired, Journeyman Electrician 25+ yrs.
  10. Jeff Evans
    Jeff Evans
    Does anyone know who makes front end parts free classic parts of America such as ball joints and tie rod ends
  11. Gary Charlton
    Gary Charlton
    Hi everyone, I have been building cars and bikes for most of my 58 years. I have joined here to post progress on a current build.
  12. vwnate1
    vwnate1 Deve

    Hi Deve ! . I got the book, THANK YOU ! .

    I'm amazed to see my name in it......

  13. Ed Ricks
    Ed Ricks cantdrivemall
    Have a 52 Chev 3/4 T. Could you send photos of them to 397-359-1100?
  14. dorcutt
    Have both a 51 and 57 1/2 ton 3100 series
  15. Dario
    Hello from South America
  16. Manny Contreras
    Manny Contreras 49trucknut
    I am interested in the spare tire mount. Where did you purchase the aftermarket unit? I am looking for one for my 1946 Chevy.
  17. Hunley
    Hunley 53mess
    Hey 53mess, I see you were looking for the instructions for the ad- engineering? I too am in need of some instructions, if you still have access to them would it be possible to get a copy? Thanks Huntley...
    1. Chad
      Same here! I lost my instructions in the flood in 2016. Would greatly appreciate a copy
      Sep 14, 2018
  18. RagenRat
    I am alive :-)
  19. 51 chevy pu
    51 chevy pu
    ironing out the details
  20. bluesride
    bluesride Lakeroadster
    hello in sunding out a pm to deadzone trucking about fulton viser for 1949 kb1 international split windshield thanks
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