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  1. Wascator
    More apart than I can finish!
  2. e015475
    The color is from the recent FIAT 500s. It is a base/clear paintjob
  3. Darthintel
    Darthintel coilover
    I have a 1954 chev 3100 that's all original. I bought new rims and tires, but getting flack on another forum about running ST - trailer tires on my truck. I don't go over 45 MPH, no high speed cornering, and have original suspension.
    Rims: MST150 steel 15x5 6 lug 5.5 bolt pattern
    Tires ST205/90R -15 Radial
    I read your post about running 215 85R 15 tires on these trucks. Where can they be bought?
  4. cmkruse
    cmkruse e015475
    Saw your GMC and like the color. Can you tell me what the color is and if you did single stage or base/clear. Thanks
  5. Veterono
    In search of 51 Tin Woodie gas tank 562-787-1055
  6. Veterono
    In search of a gasoline tank for a 1951 TinWoodie my contact # is 562-787-1055
  7. Veterono
    In search of 51 Tin Woodie gas tank
  8. Nick Magro
    Nick Magro 49trucknut
    Hi, I've been reading your old posts about a spare tire carrier. I need help and I'm hoping I can pick your brain on a couple if things. Please email me if you can help me. Thank you....Nick.....
  9. Bill Hanlon
    Bill Hanlon Nick
    1. Nick
      Done, thanks!
      Oct 14, 2019
  10. John Gallagher
    John Gallagher colettesbro
    I forgot to tell you I also need the vent wing for the passenger window, or I could buy both since you have both - only if they are for 1960 Chevy Panel Truck. Thanks so much, Jack
  11. John Gallagher
    John Gallagher colettesbro
    I very much need a hood for my 1960 Chevrolet Panel Truck. Can you send me pictures of what you have available? My hood is rusted out and I just want to make sure what you have is same as what I need. Thanks so much, Jack
  12. DeadZoneTruckin
    DeadZoneTruckin Dachshund
    We have the seat riser you requested..... Saw your post regarding this on the Stovebolt Page also.

    Message us back for more info. & pictures.
  13. El trokero
    El trokero
    Looking for a Fulton visor that will fit a 1954 3100
  14. smjchevy72
    Hello folks, I am new to the forum and have a 1972 Chevy C-10 currently doing a frame off restore....first one wish me luck!!
  15. rickyritzelsr
    I own a 1985 Chevy k10 stepside because of a personal life choice.
  16. Ole Joe 070
    Ole Joe 070
    New to this site. Looking for a custom chrome horn ring for my '66.
  17. Bradley C
    Bradley C
    1970 Custom 10 long bed wood version. 1969 Dodge A-108 van. Thanks for letting me join. ASE parts specialist
  18. Barry Kuka
    Barry Kuka
    I've got all kinds and types of parts on truck
  19. Jim Shaw
    Jim Shaw colettesbro
    Do you have a door for a 63 c10 and how much to ship it to 68669 in Nebraska?
  20. mikiesride
    Retired, Journeyman Electrician 25+ yrs.