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    1. waldoze
      I need an SM420 yoke.....1953 model 1/2 ton......I'm in East Texas
    2. Roger Sjolstad
      Roger Sjolstad
      Hello from Norway. I was told that you maybe is the one to contact:
      I need one "Parking Brake Lever Extension" driver side for my ´51 3600.


      How to convert to Bendix?

      Thanks in advance :-)
    3. Bill Hanlon
      Bill Hanlon

      Any chance you have a LONG wheelbase late 40 to mid 50 Chey or GMC truck enclosed driveline lying in your scrap pile. I know a guy that needs everything from behind the tranny to just before the torque tube.

      Thanks, Bill
    4. GLRnTX
      I recently handed my ‘51 over to my oldest daughter in Coppell. I am downsizing, but wanted to keep it in the family. Are you available to help her dealing with a column linkage issue? She is willing to pay for your time. She has no mechanical abilities. Her husband has a little.
      Greg Riedel. I
      have not been on the forum in a while and forgot how to do a PM.
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    5. Darthintel
      I have a 1954 chev 3100 that's all original. I bought new rims and tires, but getting flack on another forum about running ST - trailer tires on my truck. I don't go over 45 MPH, no high speed cornering, and have original suspension.
      Rims: MST150 steel 15x5 6 lug 5.5 bolt pattern
      Tires ST205/90R -15 Radial
      I read your post about running 215 85R 15 tires on these trucks. Where can they be bought?
    6. 53mess
      I was wandering if you still had the instructions you got for your ad engineering kit. I have the kit but lost the instructions in a move a couple of years ago. Or if you have pics of your install. thanks for any help
    7. Bilbo
      Hey Evan. My transmission is making noises and the oil looks like metallic bronze Paint. Should I get it rebuilt, or do you maybe have a 3 speed for torque tube?
    8. Bill Hanlon
      Bill Hanlon
      Phone went in the pool, so I don't have your number any more.

      A friend wants to install a crate 350 Chevy/700R4 into his '57 GMC long wheelbase. Do you have a recommendation for motor/transmission mounts? This is NOT a modern LT/LS engine.
    9. morabuffalo
      I am headed to LSRU and am visiting my brother in Dallas. I was super impressed with some fotos of some hoods you aligned. And lots of other info you have given in the past and present. I would really like to try and see your shop. Visit. My brother used to live in Plano, but has since moved to McKinney. What is your shops name and where are you located...if it is not a bad time to visit? Thanks, rod
    10. ssexton1
      A user suggested that I contact you regarding purchasing a restoring a AD truck to be a daily driver truck. I'm not sure what is a reasonable amount of money to budget for?
    11. vhpeddler
      Saw you reply about update 235. You said '58-'62 has a lot of upgrades. What are they and what is not interchangeable? I am putting a 1960 into my "57 , what issues will Ihave? Front mounts are different, will stick with side mounts.Thanks
    12. rtnnhazel
      nate told me that you might be able to help me with a firewall replacement. the pics are on my last post. i have a 51. is it hard to do a firewall/toeboard/front floor? im pretty proficient with a tig welder and i have the tools. i have never taken on a task so big. are the replacement parts that CP sells good or worth buying? do you have any experience with them? thanks for all the help, robert.
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