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Jan 14, 2016
Jun 8, 2006
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tomball, tx

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Kens 50 PU

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Jan 14, 2016
    1. bluesride
      hey guys im new here does any one now how i can contact a guy named mother trucker who deals in fulton sunvisiors ineed them to pm me now i dont know the lingo here never been in a chat room before i have a 49 kb1 international pu any help would be great bluesride
      1. Lakeroadster
        Jul 5, 2018
    2. pickins
      Hey Ken I hope I'm doing this correctly as I have just joined. I noticed you had a black and white photo of a GMC wrecker pulling out a car hauler full of Fords. Would it be possible to purchase a copy or a negative of your photo? I would love to a copy for my shop. I'm not sure where Tomball Tx is but my wife and I are leaving for Round Top Tx at the end of March. After we will be heading over to Humble Tx to visit friends. If a copy was available maybe I could just meet up with you. We are antique pickers and will be in Texas for a few weeks. Ken let me know either way and I will get back to you right away. Thanks for your time. Al
    3. 3kross
      Hey Ken one more thing I saw on another post you said about body mounts I have the two mounts on the back that look like shackles and tube shocks so I think im going to find out that this is a 1950 truck. Any help would be great,. Thanks again
    4. csxcobra
      thank you for the info on the vin decode. it is a kk not a kp. and its a car. did not say this before. is the info i have correct? this is for a 1952 2 door car ? thanks again.
    5. ronaldg
      hi ken i was wondering if you could tell me where to get the rubber for the spare tire assembly and mabee take a pic of how the rubber is put on the ends bolted i would imagine and where to get them if possible if not i may have to make somthing. i emailed steele rubber no responce yet. by the way i finally broke down and found the piece i was looking for to complete the esembly. thanks for your responce my email adress is
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