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May 17, 2022
    1. Larry Thompson
      Larry Thompson
      Hi I'm new at this but I've done a restoration on a 53 except for door latches. Back in early 80's I had a 49 doors would sometimes come open . I was wanting to put power bare claw latches in I'm not experienced at this or what the best ones to buy. I don't want door poppers I want to keep my door handles can you give me some help thanks
      Great stuff you have shared! Any photos of the throttle and choke linkage connections on a 235 would be appreciated. Thanks, Scott
    3. pimentel
      ol' Chebby
      I need help with some parts. You can send me your email to contact?
      Thank you
    4. Not Dads Old 52
      Not Dads Old 52
      Would like to hear from Dead Zone Truckin' re Az. 1953 License plates for my new 5-window project in Tucson, Az. I can be reached at paulh@central-alarm.com or my telco, 520-617-1326. Appreciate all of your help and comments.
      Not Dads Old 52
    5. durangoroadboss
      I'm interested - I sent you a pm. Thanks.
    6. Juststartingout
      ol' chebby;

      Is it at all possible to install a 1954 Chevy 5 window 1/2 ton body with 116 inch wheel base on a 1963 Chevy 1/2 ton with 115 inch wheelbase frame. Has this been done before and are there any pictures, videos, etc. The reason I am considering this is because I happen to have both. And by possible I mean without significant cost, frame alteration, spacers, shims, weldments and suspension mods. Or is this a case of "Why in the world would you even consider that option since XYZ is so much easier, cheaper, better?" Thanks in advance for any insight into the procedure. Also I would appreciate it if anyone else who has specific knowledge regarding this swap to weigh in. Thanks again!!!
    7. Bilbo
      Hi Russ. I received the Latch kit today. Thanks for the prompt delivery. Probably won't get to work on them 'till after Christmas, but I feel better knowing I'll be able to close the doors and have them stay closed!
    8. cantdrivemall
      Hi Ol Chebby, If youre selling parts of the motor from the 53 327 swap,, I could use the air cleaner for my 2-1 intake.
      Let me know how much youd want for it+ postage to Calif.
      Thanks for your help,
    9. Bilbo
      I'll send payment via Paypal. My truck is a 1952 cab with 1950 doors on it. Only difference is that the '52 cab has different strike plates than the '50. Let me know if there are any problems with this setup. I assume you'll wait to ship until you've received payment. No problems. Thanks. Bill
    10. Bilbo
      Hi Russ. I'm OK with ordering the latches. How do you want to go about it? My Email is; wgbruba1@live.com better to communicate that way. I'll see messages sooner. Thanks for the prompt reply. Bill.
    11. Bilbo
      Russ, I've got a birthday in December.... How much for a set of Altman latches for my '50 GMC? I can 'hint' to my Wife. Thanks. Bill Brubaker
    12. bowtiesr4me
      Thanx! Ill let you know as soon as Mrs.Santa gives me the OK. :^)
    13. bowtiesr4me
      ol'chebby, I ve been lookin on line about door latches and it showes you reccomend the Altman Easy system. They look pretty easy to install. The prices go up and down alover, can you point me in the right PRICE direction? Thanx for your help!
    14. irace2win41

      I'm in Winston Salem. Just traded out my 51 3600 project for a really nice 3100. The new truck has all the metal work done on the cab, 5 window, etc. Going for the Sid's 4" drop axle and lowered, maybe 60's pinstripes and/or flames... Love to see some of your stuff.

    15. Chiro
      Hi Russ. Got a couple of questions for you on the rear end swap I'm about to do. On those spring perches that our host sells...they look in the picture like there are two holes on each perch. Does this allow to use one set of holes to mount the new Nova rear in the original position and use the other holes to mount the rear so the tires are centered in the wheel opening? Next question...can I reuse my U-Bolts or do I need to buy the "rear axle conversion kit" http://www.classicparts.com/1947-54-Rear-Axle-Conversion-Kit/productinfo/93-311/#.Umj77V_D85s mentioned in the catalog?
    16. D93Cid
      Picked up a fan blade the other week, after I ran into you at napa. Still not enough clearance for it with a 261 & short shaft pump. Saw on your "How to Assemble" thread how you modified the radiator. I think I'll give that a try.

      I also noticed the radiator is hotter in the corners where there's not direct airflow from the electric fan, and I'm still having issues with overheating. So, it looks like I'm in the market for a replacement.

      I'm looking at radiators on C.P.s site. You used the desert cooler. Any reason for not going with the aluminum?
    17. DUGGAN
      Thanks didn't even know about that place, called them and they have some of the heavier stuff I need so I'm plannin on making the drive down there this weekend.
    18. Slinger53
      First, thanks for all of the work you have put into sharing your build. I use it almost every day. Getting my 53 five window back from pain one piece at a time. Question on install rear and corner glass. I am really struggling with getting the window rubber installed. Did I read your post correctly to contact Dave's Truck Parts for the rubber? Did you get your windsheild rubber there as well?
    19. Blueflame236
      Hey Chebby

      Wish you and famely all a nice x.mas

      I am relaxing at home waiting fore some good food to come on the table. I like to use time looking at some of the most intresting posts to find about our great trucks . I have a question i need to ask you ? Did you lowered down the other green truck aswell and incase how did you manage to do it ? My truck has all standard springs,shock and blocks. i would like to lower it a 3 inches if it gives improved driving stabillety ?

      What do you think ? Friendly Regards Martinius.
    20. eltoboso
      I've read your comment about my 51 chevy jumping out of 3rd if I go over 30MPH. Are there any other symptoms of bad syncros? The trans shifts just fine, no grinding, etc, plus it didn't do this prior to the conversion. I'm at a loss
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