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    1. 1955
      Hi Tony, do you still have the GMC Suburban Carrier tail gate emblems for sale? Can you send pictures?
    2. Eki
      Thank you for your information of locating the sunvisor. Could you please send the template to my email: eki.muranen (at) Thank you very much.

      The spring is coming to Finland and soon I will get my 55 truck out from my carage :)

      Best regards,
    3. trucktony
      I bought a 58-63?? belair v8 with a powerglide transmission.
      I want to build this in my 58 chevy truck.
      Does anyone know if this will be a fit conversion?
      There will be a new motormount to tackel the torque problem.
      But is it neccesary to hack out the rear motor mount.
      When I use a th350 I always have some room issues,just between the transoilpan and the converter.
      Because of the bigger hei distr. I always want to slide the engine a little foreward and end up with lenghtening my propellershaft and having problems with the motormount/transmission.
      As the powerglide has no oilpan maybe it will fit right in?
      My biggest thing is I want to keep the stiffness of the frame and not cut the motomount
      Can anyone tell me how to go with this one
      I want to figure this out before I go cutting things that are not neccesary
    4. trucktony
      hello there
      I'am looking for the partnumbers for the roller bearing upgrade for a 58 chevy half ton truck.
      The ones that are on the cups and bearings
      for the outside and inside bearing
      also a newer rubber seal would be nice

      the regular ball bearings numbers are B01 and B52
      But I'am upgrading to disc brakes and I do not thrust these to hold the load

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