1954 gmc suburban rear end

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  1. Corey21

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    Aug 29, 2013
    Im a new member and I have a 1954 gmc suburban 1/2 ton and was wondering what type of rear end it has in it and were and how I can change it from 6 lug to five lug. Thanks
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    Dec 7, 2007
    rose oklahoma
    open drive shaft or closed drive shaft ? closed means drive shaft is in a tube that hooks up to trans and rear end , to get the rear end out , rear end and tube come out together , they are a drag to work on !!!!!!! u-joint's cost big dollars too !!!! I have had two 58's chevys one truck and one suburban, both rear ends where shot , drain the grease or oil out looks like silver paint from all the metal and howl like a wolf at the moon !!!!!! I changed the rear ends in both the truck had a dana 60 in it out of ford , had the axles and drums changed and a machine shop to chevy five lug , same truck I had 54 chevy car hubs & drums in the front which made it five lug , suburban is still 6 lug 12 bolt chevy rear end out of 69-72 truck with leaf springs bolted right up didn't even have to change spring pads !!!! but I have also ran a 10 bolt chevy in the truck ? of course you have to change spring pads (have to be welded) and your pinion angle cannot be more the 7 degress or you'll eat u joints !!!! good luck :D measure your rear end from backing plate to backing plate where brakes are and start your search !!!! and of course new drive shaft !!!!
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