1971 disc brakes on a 1969 drum brakes ?

Discussion in 'Chassis & Suspension' started by nook, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. nook

    nook Member

    Dec 17, 2006
    I want to build disc brakes from a 1971-72 C20 on my 1969 drum brakes C 20
    pick up,I do have all ready a disc brake set and a the suspension of a 1971
    C20 pick up
    I noticed that the steering knuckles from the 1971 disc pick up,(at the section where the cones where the upper and lower ball joint are situated), the material much thicker is than on the 1969 with drums,and the A arms are going to be further from each other than on the 69 drums

    Is it possible to swap the steering knuckels and use the coil from the disc pick up with out problems :confused: except to check up on the caster/camber,
    and an other master cylinder

    And are there any other problems that somebody know's of

    any advice is welcome

    Nico (Neterlands)

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