1992 Chevy Cheyenne W/T Body Work & Repaint

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    1992 Chevy Cheyenne W/T Body Work & Repaint
    Hello all new here some may know me been around for many many years.
    Going to be redoing this old girl so will update this thread as more work is done.
    Needs cab corners and patches above the rear wheels.
    My son Steve is a professional body man that will be doing those then I will be taking the truck to a local shop for paint.
    This has that water base junk paint that GM messed with that has to be completely removed.
    Here are a few pictures, from when I bought it with that ugly cap to where its at now. I purchased this truck for $1500.00 from my next door neighbor with only 63,000 miles on it.
    I love this truck, I will have a little over $10,000 in it when it done.
    I've also loaded a few of my other trucks in my album here if anyone cares to check them out.
    Mark / aka RagenRat

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