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    Nov 12, 2019
    Hey guys, first time post here but I've found this place to be a great resource.

    I've got a 59 GMC 100, it's been sitting for almost 30 years, right when I got it running my starter died. The 59 apparently has a modified Pontiac V8 so finding parts has been a huge challenge....

    I changed brushes, brush arms and solenoid, cleaned up everything else... The bushing in the cone is gone and that hole that holds the gear end of the armature is an oval shape. I cannot any model number on the starter or in the service manual.

    Today I put in a new bushing and a filled in the gaps with some JB, fingers crossed that will work for now but I'm really hoping to get some help tracking down a replacement. I've got a few pictures I hope will help...

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    You need to find a really old generator/starter/alternator shop. One that has been in the same location since at least the 70s. You shouldn't be able to see anyone when you walk in the door because of the stacks of old parts. When you do find the guy who does the work he should be at least 65 years old and smoking a cigarette. He'll fix you up.
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