67-72 parts F.S.

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    Jan 1, 2000
    (1 pr) 1967-72 R&L door striker catch assemblies with lock rods and handle assembly and
    rods-complete-this is everything that goes inside the doors-$30.00/all

    (1) 1967-72 Driver side hood hinge-$20.00

    (1) 1967-72 glove box door-has wood grain and Cheyenne Super emblem on it-$20.00

    (1) 1967-72 glove box door-in primer w/hinge & button-$20.00

    (1) 1967-72 dash ashtray-$10.00

    (1) 1967-72 speedometer unit-complete-has wood grain and all gauges; oil pressure, amps, temp-all
    working and nice condition$50.00

    Also have long list of 64-73 Chevelle & 60-74 full size Chevy parts for sale. List can be seen at: http://www.angelfire.com/trek/mr409/items4sale.html

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