'77 Blazer Re-furb.

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    Jan 1, 2000
    I need a lot of help! I plan to refurbish my '77 Blazer 4x4. I have owned it since 1982, still has all original parts except transmission re-build in 1985. Has 250,000 miles on original engine. I would like to bring it back as close to original (stock) condition as possible but I don't know where to start.
    Interior, exterior, engine????. I believe the rear end is shot but it still gets down the road. Was originally full time 4wd but I added Doug Nash conversion kit about 15 years ago. I know I have my work cut out but would like some advice on where to start and how I can save money doing this.
  2. Michael_A_Price

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    Jan 1, 2000
    The main thing I can recommend is to start with the mechanicals. Up to the most recent of my projects I have always had paint and body work etc... done first figuring I'd get the most expensive part out of the way and go from there but it really kills ya when you have a great looking ride that everyone wants to go for drives in and you have to break it to them that you didn't put that new motor in yet so while it looks great it doesn't run.

    I have decided that I would rather smoke the little 5.0's with my sanford and son looking 69, ZZ502, 4L80E and all. Than stare at a 4k paint job I just love but watch it fade in the texas sun while I save up some more money to finish the project.

    As for some advice on where to start.

    Golden##### Pickup Parts,
    ##### Truck
    ##### Parts
    Chevy Duty (of coarse)
    Salvadge Yards etc...

    I could spend all day quoting you companies. Look into parts for 67-72 and most of those companies are or have catalogs comming out with parts for 73-87 also.

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