Help: Cab Mounts for frame swap

Discussion in '1955-1959' started by Matt Cameron, Jan 26, 2024.

  1. Matt Cameron

    Matt Cameron Member

    Jan 26, 2024
    Hey Everyone, new to the forum. You will probably be hearing more from me because long story short, a friend was building a couple 55 chevy pickups for me but passed away so ive decided to take on the projects myself but I am pretty new to the world of hot rods and mechanicing. I think I can figure it all out though with your help.
    So to start, I have a 55 chevy pickup that we have put on a 96 silverado half ton frame with a 5.3 vortec and a 4l60 transmission. First order of business is before he passed he was saying something about needing to put some different front cab mounts on. We have the back cab mounts in, but apparently the front mounts on the 96 frame werent right for the 55 cab. Any idea which mounts I need to order or is this something I need to build? Thanks for any and all help!

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