How to install cab to running board seals

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    Dec 11, 2007
    Cab to running board seals.... consist of a retainer and rubber seals.

    Spread a little weatherstripping adhesive on both parts and press together. This helps to keep things located while you screw them to the truck. This is how they fit...I leave a little overhang on each side.

    Next drill the holes from the metal through the rubber, it will make it much easier to line up the screws.

    Mount the assembly above the body lip, hanging down into the space left between the body and running boards.

    Run screws up from the underside of cab.

    These can be installed without removing the running boards completely. Loosen the bolts on the underside of the running boards, slide the bolt heads out of their slots, then you can push the running board out of the ay enough to get to the screws. Start with the rear most bracket when re installing the bolts, just snug them enough so that they don't fall out of their slots, then work your way to the front. NOW POSITION YOUR RUNNING BOARDS and tighten all hardware.

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