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    D6AEB5B0-5217-4553-BBB3-2D9001628E34.jpeg 530E8A6B-155C-4429-9963-C7F8E2AAE786.jpeg A BIG deer took out my front end and cab on my 1962 Chevy pickup. I need inner fenders and a empty cab . Also need radiator support
    and hood. Was hoping someone near N.E. Indiana Had a truck without interior , engine , trans or front end suspension since mine is all there . The deer knocked the windshield out but didn’t break it , pushed the inner fenders back and knocked the doors back into the door post . Windshield opening was bent back so without extensive straightening it will not fit. I’m trying to save by doing body work and paint myself. The picture of the white primer cab is what I’m looking for .Thanks
    Can call if you are within 200 miles of N.E. Indiana . Phone 260-3 one six - 922 six

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