New Stovebolt Engine Book coming out soon!

Discussion in '1955-1959' started by Deve, Aug 30, 2018.

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    Jun 2, 2016
    Hesston, Kansas
    Posting this here so you 55-59 guys see it too!

    Hi guys! Long time no see! I have been very busy over the past year working on a Stovebolt Engine book for Cartech, Inc. They are THE company that does technical books for the automotive industry. Once I did some research, I was impressed that they have done some really good work.

    Anyhow, they asked me to write a book on the 1929-1962 Stovebolt engines. This worked for me since I have a lot of information already on my website. So, its done and due out in November. You can pre-order on Amazon in the US, PGUK in the UK and NLA in Australia. More info on my home page at I am also allowed to sell the books on my website, so you can order them there. I put everything I know and what others know and then some into this labor of love, and my hope it is useful for YOU.

    Then, they liked my work so asked me to do another book which I am working on now. Its called How to Restore your 1947-1955 Chevy Pickup due out in 2019. This is a frame up restoration book that is very detailed and hopefully something worthwhile. Hopefully the vendors put these works in their catalogs.
  2. Chuck Williams

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    Nov 13, 2018
    I received my pre order copy today!!!

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