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    Apr 28, 2014
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    New Transmission Parts (Somerset)
    I have several parts for various transmissions, the parts are older but they are new, never used. Here is a list of some of them:
    ToyoGlide 3 speed; ToyoGlide 2 speed; Slim Jim Roto Hydramatic-Model 10(375); Roto Hydramatic Model 5; Powerglide cast iron; FordoMatic 3 speed; Turbo Hydramatic 400; Dyna Flow- Dual Path; Roto Hydramatic - model 10(375); Cruiseomatic(model FMX); Jetaway controlled coupling; Torqueflite 8; Torqueflite 6 cylinder(904); Tranaxle- powerglide; Some for 1958-62 Corvette transmission parts. I have about 30 kits and several individual parts. Not all are listed you can contact me about specific parts. I would like to sell all together but would consider separating. $350obo[​IMG] These pictures show a few of the parts. What do you guy's think a fair price would be?
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