Stalling out under load

Discussion in '1973-1987' started by Mike B, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Mike B

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    Dec 19, 2016
    Working on a 1979/1980 Chevy K truck project that the last guy had only partially completed, so I don’t really know everything I am working with. I am just now getting on the streets… about 20 miles total since I rebuilt the vehicle and replaced numerous components.

    Sitting in the driveway, motor starts and idles fine. Revs fine while in park and will hold RPM under throttle press. If I put it into gear when it is still cold and hasn’t been driven in a while, there is enough load just from being in gear to bog down the motor. This isn’t my main concern, but I mention it in case it gives you guys an indicator. After several seconds at idle, it will no longer stall out just from being in gear. Once I’m to this state, if I am in gear and try to give it anything more than a very light throttle press, the motor stalls and sometimes sounds like it backfires in the carb. I can get around on the street with light throttle presses, but I really need to get this resolved to be comfortable.

    There’s basically no miles on most of these items below.

    TH350 transmission is professionally rebuilt
    Edelbrock carb – I rebuilt and reset to factory recommendations.
    New air and fuel filters
    New HEI distributor, plugs, and wires
    New fuel pump
    New fuel regulator with gauge (matches carb requirement)
    Fresh fluids throughout
    Timing is set with 12 degree advance.

    The motor is the only item in the vehicle that I haven’t gone into, so about all I can say about it is it is a 305 small block V8.
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    Jan 1, 2000
    Sounds like too lean off idle, did you look in the carby as you depress the throttle (ENGINE OFF !) and insure there's a strong stream of fuel squirted the *instant* the throttle begins to move ? .

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