Temp gauge Troubleshooting.

Discussion in '1955-1959' started by dorcutt, Nov 29, 2019.

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    May 13, 2007
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    I must be getting really stupid in my old age as I get older as I have a temp indicator on my 57 that is driving me nuts.
    The original gauge either doesn’t work or it pegs out, I have three electrical senders for the system that all ohm out differently, I have purchased a new gauge and sensor from our host that pegs immediately out when connected externally. I have connected the gauges externally to the battery voltage with a ground on the gauge while being connected to the sensors with a good ground on the sensor, I don’t have thread tape on the one sensor in the engine. So I don’t quite know what I’m missing. I have put the sensors in hot, warm and cold water and can see the ohmic value change with temperature.
    Dose any one know what the temperature coefficient should be on the sensor? I have searched the old thread here and have not found it. An assumption I have made it the gauge dose take a full 12 volts that isn’t stepped down at all, that’s seems to be what the wiring diagrams say.
    What am I missing.

    Ps: Happy Thanksgiving.

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