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6 lug wheels

Discussion in '1960-1966' started by machinehead4820, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Does anybody know if you can use the late model 6 lug wheels on the early model 6 lug trucks? Pretty sure the lug size is different but heard the pattern is the same. Is there a special lug nut that can be used or would you have to drill the holes out bigger for the late model lugs?
  2. markeb01

    markeb01 Member

    About 20 years ago I used late model 15x6" & 15x8" disc brake wheels on my 1960 GMC and they fit and worked fine. I believe the stock early lug studs were 7/16 and the later design is 1/2", but the taper in the lug nut area is sufficient for the wheels to bolt up nice and tight.
  3. dvalentine

    dvalentine Charter Member

    In a word ? NO. They will not fit on the front due to the grease cup on the 60's truck. The later model wheels are "hub centric" and are intended for the late model axle that is smaller than the earlier versions.

  4. dado

    dado Member

    80 Factory rally wheels

    Will 6 lug 80s factory rally rims fit a 62 ?
  5. 62 short step

    62 short step Member

    Yes they will.

    LEYLAND Member

    DVal is right, the centres could be enlarged if desired but the backspacing is incorrect and doesn't look right, better and safer to get oldschool 4x4, aftermarket or check out other sources like Toyota...
  7. gulffishin

    gulffishin Member

    Sorry to bust in on someone else's thread ;), but Toyota huh?... I didn't know they would fit. I have a 93 Toyota 4x4 too, and have some old rims at my disposal I'll have to see if they fit one day.
  8. jaybyrd66

    jaybyrd66 Member

    yes a toyota 6 lug rim will fit a 6 lug chevy and i found out that a 6 lug dodge rim will also fit the 6 lug chevy pattern. or atleast thats what ive heard. never tried it myself
  9. dvalentine

    dvalentine Charter Member

    The Dodge will swap with Ford six lugs, but not any GM six lug.

  10. jaybyrd66

    jaybyrd66 Member

    yea i proved myself wrong too lol. its the dodge 8 lug that will swap with a chevy 8 lug. oops. my friends boss bought a set off of a dodge and put on his duramax. i was thinking about the wrong lug pattern, sorry
  11. willz66

    willz66 Member

    i bought new chevy rims 6-lug from a 98 chevy truck but my wheel studs r too short the rims fit the back axle but like half way not safely,,do i buy longer studs with new lug nuts ? wud a auto store have them? btw my truck is 6 lug drums,,thanks 2 any info.....

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