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S10 frame swap pictures

Discussion in '1947-1954' started by coilover, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. coilover

    coilover Member

    Guys, I apologize for my lack of computer skills which prevents me from knowing how to put text with a photo but with patience to match the verbal discription to the pictures maybe it will help others out who undertake this job. Go to http://www.msnusers.com/Evanscars and click "pictures", "show photos", pages 1 and 2 to view.
    S10-014: S10 cab coming off(gas tank can be used like a 47/48)
    S10-025: AD cab with beam through cab--unbalanced
    S10-026: 100# wt. hung on bar bolted to top radiator mount holes
    S10-027: chain on top hinge pocket bolts--perfect balance w/wt.
    S10-028: AD-engineering cab mounts in place w/temp metal screws
    S10-031: bed crossmembers bolted to bed(use spacer under angle strip}
    S10-034: test fit of bed and cab before final bolts in mounts
    S10-035: modified rear RB bracket to give spring hanger clearance
    S10-038: wheel fit in stock S10 location--too narrow
    S10-039: wheel fit with 2" spacer(tire centered under headlight)
    S10-041: stock AD tire location
    S10-044: column tube moved to top of hole,new shifter rod hole
    S10-047: modified shifter rod to clear dash with column moved up
    S10-049: S10 E-brake equalizer on shortened and threaded AD rod
    S10-050: 3:1 accelerater bellcrank to open carb all the way
    S10-051: radiator up 2" to clear steering gearbox
    S10-053: ford accel.cable has integral cable and return spring
    S10-054: flat spot milled on intake to accept temp bulb fitting
    ModA-017: welded on 1/2" plate drilled and tapped for stock S10 mt.
    ModA-028: 16 g plate welded to bottom of column, screws in AD holes
    Cecils 40 PU-007: access holes cut to reach S10 motor mount nuts
    Cecils 40 PU-001: modified lower radiator pan(air baffle)
    Will post the bumper mount bracket set up and finished pics later;Evan
  2. coilover

    coilover Member

    Pictures S10 055 shows a fabricated neutral safety switch that works well (use an all weather boat or tractor start button), and S10 057 and 058 show the extended front bumper bracket arms on the S10 frame. Once these spring steel arms are welded on the're only good for holding the bumper in place, no longer functional.
  3. coilover

    coilover Member

    The site the pictures are on only allows 3mb. I got the rear bumper mount pictured, 6" piece of 2 1/2" square tubing plus a 2 1/2 by 6" piece of 3/8 plate for spacer( 2 7/8" total), each side. This makes the perfect width for the bumper brackets to slide on with a squeak fit. In fact you have to make a hole for the head of the rivet that holds the two bracket arms together or it's too tight. I wanted to make some finished pics but used up my allowable 3 mb.

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