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    1. tippy283

      I am new and have not done well on talkclassics so far. Is there a simple way to write and receive at this site? I have a restored 54 3100 stock except for Fenton Duals. I would love to hear of some information on the site. tippy283
    2. vwnate1
      I hope this reply goes to the right place... you should use the IM feature to reach me . anyways , this picture is in Nevada just North of Daylight Pass as I was leaving Death Valley . I hope I am helpful , I have many favors to repay .
    3. Reinovator
      Hi. vwnate that photo in your profile looks like my back yard. It looks like you don't want any of the green stuff on your beautiful scenery either.
      thank for your 'level headed' posts.
    4. willardgreen
      Nate its time to take fish oil & Vitiman D3. I have not had a cold or peneumonia for 2 years. Not just a little and it aint easy. It has lossened up my poor broke back to where I seldon take advil or tylenol. It aint like going to the dr and gettin a shot. U got to live a long time with leasure for us. Ask your doctor, he dont get kick back on D3, fish oil or B3 but if asked he will fess up
    5. steve.uk
      hi and thank you for your help re the manifold, you may well hear from me again as the build progresses hope that's OK, all the best Steve (Birmingham England)
    6. Mr. Green
      Mr. Green
      thanks for your help
    7. Mr. Green
      Mr. Green
      Hope all is well with you out there in the shaky zone, my daughter lives in Chino Hills and I worry about both of you.
      My concern is my engine. "Rebuilt" 1954 235 with approximately 2500 miles?
      Anyhow, starts every time, cold or hot. Burns no oil and only leaks a little when it sits for a while. Oil pressure is 60 at start up and never drops below 30 even on a hot idle. Antifreeze level does not go down. Had my local mechanic check compression and it came out really wierd, cylinders were all over the place from 60-90 with no apparent pattern. At the same time he adjusted the valves and since then I hear a bit or rattling/knocking from the engine at idle when the engine is warm. Hate to start tearing the engine apart since a rebuild is not in the budget at this point. Do you have any wise thoughts or ideas?
      thanks and take care
    8. dorcutt
      Nate, looking at your pictures of your dual carter webber carbuerator upgrade did you have to do the fender brace mod because it interfered with the mounting of the carbs? (great picture by the way) I'm assuming you still recommend this upgrade? I'm ready to go this direction but am no where capable as you are. Was the throttle linkage easliy done as well. Any advice before I spend the bucks. I have two rochesters presently.
    9. ronaldg
      Nate do you know of any body localy that repairs original radios I live in santa clarita. By the way i stopped by your work but realized it wasnt the kind of place that i could found you easly Just wanted to talk trucks. THANKS RON GARCIA
    10. gafcob
      Thanks Nate..i printed the info out...I really appreciate it..Mike Gaff
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