06 silverado gear swap

Discussion in '1999-Present' started by RAYMOND, Feb 22, 2024.


    RAYMOND Member

    Feb 22, 2024
    I have an 06 Silverado half ton 4WD I bought new that I like but recently bought a 4400# travel trailer that I have pulled a couple times. that little 5.3 Iron block 295 HP V-8 with 3.42 ratio differentials and 265 70 17 tires makes for a pretty anemic pull. it naturally will jump into second in a heartbeat on any grade unless you back out of the throttle. I had considered whether it would be worth the cost of trying to get gears front and back to go to say 4.10 ratio but I doubt I'd gain that much and it probably would cost more than any extra gas I'd burn just running what I have, even kicked the idea around of trying to get a set of the 16" wheels that used to run on them but even if they fit finding tires with enough different circumference to gain pulling power didn't look feasible and it's got almost new tires. any suggestions outside of trading pickups? I'm not interested in that

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