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Discussion in '1973-1987' started by Skisam, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Skisam

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    Oct 1, 2017
    I was wondering if any craftsman out there that are much more experienced than I, could tell me if it is possible to put a grille from a 1970's silverado onto a 1983? I like the way the headlights and grille look much more on a 77 with the round lights, than the square lights on the 80's trucks. If anyone could let me know how to this or if it's even possible, that would be cool. Thanks!
  2. nerfherder78

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    Aug 15, 2003
    Fairfield, CA
    You can put a '73-'80 front end on a '81+ truck, and vice versa, you just need the fenders, hood,radiator support, wiper arms and linkages, battery tray, etc.

    I don't remember all the differences; but I know 80's trucks have cutouts in the cab for the rear hood hinges, the frame rails on the front of the 80's truck are cut at an angle for the bumper, and I'm pretty sure the wiper mounts are shorter on the 70's trucks. There may also be some minor differences in the headlight wiring harness. The fenders and radiator support will bolt right up and most of the other stuff bolts to them; so you just need to watch for issues with wipers, wiring harness, and bumper mounts.

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