2004 GMC has a Detroit under the hood....

Discussion in '1999-Present' started by JIMnWV, Nov 9, 2010.

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    Jul 6, 2010
    Hills of West Virginia
    Hi Everyone,

    I need some Help figuring out a prob with My Wifes truck, it is a 04 GMC, only has 78000 miles on it and is requiring oil to be added between changes, I don't have any leaks (external), and don't See any smoke from the Exhaust, but this evening My Wife called and Told Me that when started the truck at the Church to head home She noticed a large cloud of blue smoke, has Anyone ever had or heard of this in a basically low milage vehicle? Yea I Grew up in the 70's playing with ol chevy's and the such, but shucks this is a modern truck that You would Think could get 130000 miles before adding oil between changes.

    Thanks in Advance

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