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    Jan 13, 2017
    Ongoing progress is being made.
    First thing done was to cut the sheet to length. Then ripped the piece in half.
    The bed is 50 inches wide. Sheet of plywood is 48 inches wide less kerf of the ripped cut. Decided to sister on a 3/4 inch piece on the outboard sides. This will be hidden by the bed angles.
    sorry for the sideways pics. Pony clamps, tight bond glue and 18 gauge nail gun was used. Care was taken not to shoot nails into location were the bed bolts go thru the bed cross braces.

    Next careful measurements were made for the bolt heads on the cross braces. Using a 1 inch Forstner bit I drilled pockets for the bolt heads. Aftermarket stuff.... rrrrggghhh 3 inch lowering springs create a problem with the frame . Used a router to create a pocket for the frame arch. 20170723_125337.jpg

    Pic shows bottom side with pockets. 1 coat of sealing primer then two coats of oil based enamel. Also had to use a router to create a cut out for the front.

    Depending on how many bed runners you are going to use... Mark and drill the holes for the cross braces.

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