Carburetor sync adapter for carter weber 32/32 (Motorcraft 740)

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    Jul 23, 2014
    I am manufacturing and selling an adapter that allows the use of a single barrel carburetor synchronization tool on a Motorcraft 740(Carter Weber 32/32) carburetor. This adapter will allow the user to properly synchronize dual or triple carburator setups.

    This adapter tool is 3D printed. All printed shell faces / sides are air tight and produce a durable product. The thicker adapter areas are constructed using honeycomb infill to keep shipping weight to a minimum.

    The base of the adapter has a soft cell foam strip that is used to seal to the carburetor top lip. A second spare length of foam tape is also included for replacement if the installed foam seal gets damaged. The adapter unit consists of a main body and top ring adapter that are secured together and sealed against leaks.

    To use the adapter the user needs to remove the air cleaner cover, air filter, aluminum base plate, base plate O-ring and the air cleaner cover stud. The adapter slides over the unit and the user places the sync tool on top.

    Colours available are White, Clear, Transparent Blue, Yellow, Red and Orange. Sorry no Black at this time. The Clear and Transparent Blue colour end up being a frosted finish.

    Price for one adapter is $16 in US funds for the adapter. Price for flat rate shipping to the lower US states is $9 in US funds for a total of $25. Being basic and economy shipping no tracking number is provided however if the purchaser wishes to have that option shipping will increase to $17 in US funds. Two adapter units will fit into the $9 shipping box if the purchaser is interested. The second unit will cost $10 if purchased at the same time for a total cost of $35 in US funds.

    NEW FEATURE! All adapters will include two different necks. One neck is used for the flat bottom style tool and the other is used for the snail body style. The necks can be interchanged on the main body. Both necks are included with the purchase.

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    Aug 23, 2018
    Are you still making these adapters? If so I'm interested... Thanks
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    Sep 18, 2018
    I am interested in this also, please let me know how to order
    Thanks, Contact:
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