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    There is a wiring harness schematic on page 90 of the new Hot Rod Magazine that is for a bare basics vehicle---like an AD truck. If I knew how to scan something to a web site I'd do so but hey, I pound bends into metal not make computers sing. I wouldn't use the light switch for high and low beam to eliminate the dimmer switch and not all fuse boxes have a horn relay built in but it's still a clear directory of how things are wired. I completely agree with the statement in the accompanying text in the article that NO, ZERO, NIL ready made harness, be it a Ron Francis or an El Cheapo, will ever look as tidy one built to fit exactly. I also agree that for beginners the labeling printed on each wire in the premade harness is a great help.
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    here is the diagram

    (taken from Hot Rod Magazine, June 2013 issue, p.90)
    There is some text associated with the diagram that I will try and post later as it might be helpful.

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