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    Door Locks

    Hi, all I’m new here and need some help to start. I have a 1963 Chevy C10 panel which looks good and is a good starter for me. I need the rear door locks for the left and right door and the handle. Would anyone have these or know where I can locate them, I’m using a bungee for now.
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    one more option

    I had a 4.3 V6 for 3 years, I had hopped it up with mild cam, headers and roller rockers, and some more stuff. It was a great peppy choice. I am now switching again, this time to a 04 chevy 6.0. It's tight but it's working. Here's a few pics.

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    Not A Pro But Fun

    In addition to finding a five speed with a engine for a swap. Several other items will also need to be address. The best thing about these trucks lots room under the hood. The swap will need to address pulleys, older block had mounting on the heads, and newer blocks have mounting on the block only. Finding all the components could be time and monies. I used a Detroit Speed belt kit, clean simple.

    Exhaust will need to be addressed making room for power steering if need.
    Fuel type injection or air aspirated, means returned line to tank may be needed. All in all it a job, it's fun and it's your engineering to make it go safe and fast and reliable.

    my engine was from five star engiens, $2800 delivered no core.

    Good stuff here good people. good luck.

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