How to install rear/corner windows

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    Here we go. Rear window install:

    MOST IMPORTANT! Tape all surfaces throughout reassembly. This will help stop enevitable scratches. To decrease the tackiness of tape and the potential to pull fresh paint off, first put it on your shirt. this will pick up dust from the cloth and make the tape easier to get off.

    Start by taping up around window.

    Now run the rubber around the opening.

    Start at the top. DO NOT stretch the rubber, in fact, I try to trim about 1/8 inch long, then cram it into the joint. Rubber will shrink a little over time, if it is cut long, the shrinkage will not pull the joint apart.

    This is the tool to put the lock strip in. Get the tool started, then insert the lock strip. Start the lock strip at the bottom. I found that the Counter Part rubber was just too hard. I switched to a rubber kit I found at Dave's Truck Parts in Clairemont, NC (828)695-8144, and it was so much easier. I found that window cleaner makes a good lubricant, without leaving residue.

    After running the length of the window, NOT STRETCHING the lock strip, cut it a little long,

    Then cram it in...

    Pull the tape, and enjoy. Put a little weatherstrip cement in the rubber joint to seal it.

    Now do the rest. This took me about 45 minutes.

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