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    If you use the Insert Image button (shown below), it will ask you for the web address to the image. This is OK if you've already posted/uploaded the image somewhere publicly accessible.

    Another way to post photos is to use the "Upload a File" button that appears below the box where you write your post:
    After you click that button, it will ask you to select a picture from your computer/phone/tablet/etc. and it will upload it directly here (no need to upload it to a different site first).

    You can select one or more photos, and then the photo(s) will show up in a new box below the Upload a File button. You can either just leave them there (in which case they'll just show up in a similar box at the bottom of your post when you make the post), or you can choose to insert them directly into your post wherever you like. To do that, position the blinking cursor where you want them to go, just as if you were going to type more text (usually you can either just click or use your keyboard arrows, but if you want it at the bottom of the post you might have to press enter to move the blinking cursor down more):

    And then, in the Attached Files box, click either Thumbnail (to insert a small version of the photo, which people can click to enlarge) or Full Image (to insert the photo and have it always display full size) next to the photo you want to insert:
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    Thanks for making this a sticky!
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