How to swap my 59 over to 5 lug...

Discussion in 'Chassis & Suspension' started by jwhitmoyer, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. jwhitmoyer

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    Oct 29, 2008
    Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
    Hi Guys,

    I just bought a 59 Chevy step-side about a month ago or so, going to college and don't have much time or the money right now so I'm doing a lot of planning. Right now it has all 6 lug, I assume this was from the factory. When I bought the truck from the junk yard some one had removed the gears out of the rear but left everything else behind, and pulled the steering column out of it. Right now it has 4 junk 6 lug mismatched rims on it with almost flat tires, I want to put like a Ford 9" posi rear or something in the back, but how would you switch the front of the truck over? I don't know much about this stuff except for that I have heard that you can cut a front clip off another truck and weld it on making the front end off something else, I didn't really want to cut the frame and get into that, it's really nice, but didn't know if there was any other options out there, again have lot of time to plan and save up money, so I can use many options,

    Thanks, Jason :)
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    i would leave it 6 lug and cram a posi setup in the diff you have sure your rim choice is slightly limited and its 4 more lugs grand total but on a truck i would rather have the 6 lug or like with mine 8 per wheel:eek: try changing rotating the tires with a starbar and a jack it makes for a long day :p
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    Aug 18, 2005
    I have a similar situation
    My 52 1/2 ton has different rear than original and has a 5 lug pattern.My question is if I can change the backing plate and drums in the front to a 5 lug pattern without changing the front clip.I know the drum has to be compatible with the spindle but can I just get the dimensions right and go with it?I'm going to a swap meet in Charlotte this fall and finding a new IFS front clip to change out,but if I can change the backing plate,drum and brakes could/would this work
  4. BAM55

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    Jul 29, 2011
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    First off be very careful about what people tell you that do not have experience with these trucks.

    You have so many choices that its hard to tell you all of them. First if you like the current stock setup you can buy a disk brake kit in 6 or 5 lugs. If you are want to improve the ride and handling of your truck there are many options that don't include cutting your frame. You have aftermarket kits that will allow you to weld a crossmember to your existing frame that allow you to use everything from a vette to a dodge dakota. Its about what you want.

    As far as donor cars to use for the front suspension? Once again its limitless. I have used Camaros, Novas, Monte Carlos, Volares, etc.

    As far as rearends you can pull axles and have the axles and rotors or drums redrilled to a 5 lug bolt pattern. Chevy and fords have different lugs patterns. The popular lug patter for ford is 5 on 4 1/2 and the most popular Chevy 5 lug pattern is 5 on 4 3/4. If you have a ford rearend you can have it redrilled to a chevy pattern and vice versa.

    There are so many choices its ridiculous and can get overwhelming so its but the information you need is out there if you ask the right questions and have an idea of what you want.

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