Installing dual exhaust manifold on 216ci I-6.

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    Apr 8, 2010
    I bought a couple years ago a split exhaust manifold with intake for my 1953 3100 pickup wth the 216ci motor. Panted it up, and was going to get around to installing it...

    Only took me 2 years to finally get the ball rolling on it.

    Here is a picture of the manifold...


    That's just dust on it in the picture. It's black high temp paint on it.

    My 216ci with the stock intake/exhaust manifold removed...


    And here is a picture with the new manifold installed on the engine...


    Now here is where I'm running into some road blocks with this "swap"...

    After installing this intake I learned that it's actually off a 235ci I-6, and take a different carburetor. I plan to find a suitable replacement here soon but here is my question... Will the intake for the 235ci be too much for the 216ci to handle?

    Also I'm going to have to redo the throttle linkage up to the new carburetor somehow because the new second exhaust pipe flange is right in the way (discovered this after we got the new manifold in, must of been why it was being so hard to get lined up...)


    How have you guys ran new throttle cables? And can they be used with the stock pedal that's in the cab?
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    Dual setup


    You could ask this question at the 47-55 Chevy talk forum. I know they have been discussing this issue here!


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