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    Feb 18, 2013
    Hi, i have a couple questions, my truck is a 1951 Aust built RHD chevy 3/4ton truck

    I have sent a couple emails to the website but havent had any response and wasnt sure if something went wrong on my end. so i have decided to put up a post in hope that it will work

    i would like to purchase some parts and want to know how much it will cost to send them to Haden, 4353, Queensland, Australia

    here is a list of the items i am chasing

    2 x 71-105 Front 1-1/4" Wheel Cylinders

    2 x 71-141 Rear 1-3/8" Wheel Cylinders

    6 x 71-514 Huck brake pin locks

    1 x 59-311 Front Hood emblem

    1 x 59-411 Front hood emblem gasket

    1 x 73-505 Spindle Dust Caps, i would like to know Diameter for dust caps before purchacing

    1 x 81-125 Rochester carburetor rebuild kit

    2 x 71-712 Parking Brake cable

    1 x 71-888 parking brake cable gasket

    1 x 74-113 3/4ton kingpin set. i would like to know Diameter and length of king pin before purchacing

    1 x 04-120 51 chev owners manual

    1 x 04-422 51 accessory installation manual

    1 x 04-322 51 accessory list & price schedule

    1 x 04-661 47-54 factory assembly manual

    Thanks Jed

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    I forwarded your message to someone who should be able to answer your questions.


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