removing 283 v8 with hydramatic

Discussion in '1955-1959' started by trucktony, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. trucktony

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    Jan 2, 2011
    The Netherlands
    At last I could buy my dream truck
    It's a 1958 chevrolet Cameo
    has a Hydramatic automatic 4 speed
    I want to rebuild the engine and transmission

    Can somebody here tell me whats the best way to take the engine out?
    because of the flywheel gasket on the torus I would think it's best to take it out (and in) with the trans on the engine
    It will give some space issues
    So I would love to get some tips on how to remove (and assemble) the whole package from the truck
    (better to hear it here then getting in all sorts of problems)

    Thanks for your tips
  2. Bill Hanlon

    Bill Hanlon Member

    Jun 4, 2002
    Fredericksburg TX
    You are right that it would be easier dealing with the torus cover to flywheel gasket out in the open, BUT (big but) that Hydra-Matic is a heavy beast on the end of a long lever and would take a lot of work getting the engine and tranny out in one piece with the radiator support and grill in place.
  3. coilover

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    Mar 30, 2005
    Plano US
    If you can't pull the front clip in 20 minutes don't apply for a job here. Seriously, for this task it is the only way to go. One thing I would do is to drill 1/8" holes through the hood hinges for reassembly alignment as this is tricky at times. Label you wires, cables, hoses, linkages, etc so reassembly is not a guessing game. TAKE PICTURES. Soak the lower rear fender bolts with Kroil or acetone/atf mixture for a week as this is the number one area for rust on a TF. You will thank me.

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