Seeking Pointers for Body Work

Discussion in '1967-1972' started by 72short4by, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. 72short4by

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    Aug 25, 2005
    I am considering starting the body work on my 72 shortbed myself. I am going to have to replace some floor pieces and the kickers, rockers and cab corners.

    The truck is blasted and in primer. One side I have the rocker cut out already. I am very concerned for fitting of the doors. I think I should replace the floor and kicker first. I do have a 2WD cab so the hump is still in place for now. I will cut it out last. How do you make sure the cab does not move and get out of square when you cut a section of floor loose to include the inner rocker? It seems to me the door opening could change easily with cutting that loose and then the heat from welding.

    Does anyone have experience and give me some pointers on order of replacing these parts? And how to avoid a bad fit on the doors?

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