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Discussion in '1947-1954' started by my54, Oct 28, 2009.

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    My 54

    The factory torque tube gears in your 54 3100 are 390:1, just a bit better behind the 235 than the earlier 410 gears behind the the 216s on the road.

    Your 235 looks exactly like the 235 under the hood of my 54. I beleive mine is from a later 55 or 56 model truck. I really don't care. I painted my 235 blue years ago because I bought the paint suggested as correct for this model year from our sponsor (aka Chevy Duty) as the correct engine color for the 235 in 54. I like my truck, would love to build it again after almost 9 years.

    Nice truck, fix the bracks and drive it. Check the oil regularly, it is always going to leak somewhere.

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    You can call Patrick's, they are very friendly and service oriented. He has quite a write-up on engine ID's. He's been through this a lot, you're not alone here.
    (520-836-1117). Make sure you have all the numbers stamped on the block.

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    Inside the link above is a picture of my trucks 54 engine in orange, one note about it parts are far and few between. A lot of stuff I have on shelf will not fit it. When it was rebuilt I had another engine which the garage choose not to rebuild because they said the 54 was a great engine but had to have its own parts, now I know, I gave the other engine to Robert (LaTroca52), that engine was sold to me as a 55 out of a 210.
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    I have located the cyclinder head casting number and it match's up with the 54-55 235, reference that is in the Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup book, I need to do some more cleaning to find the block casting number but the serial number on the block behind the distirbuter is 0401185 F 54 X I know what evrything translates to except for the X, does anyone know what the X stands for?
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    You've got a '54 block

    The serial number, which is the stamped number on the boss behind the distributor confirms that it is a '54 block. The first set of numbers is the sequence number. "F54X" designates that it is a 1954 engine built in the Flint, Michigan engine plant and was built for a 1954 3100 series truck. Here's a link to help with the other serial #'s.


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